2014 m. kovo 5 d., trečiadienis

Vasario/ February Foodie Penpals

February was the the first month when I took part in the Foodie Penpals (February foodie penpals reveal day).

The parcel arrived already in March, but finally I got it :). It come from Marjan, the Netherlands.
So, there are goods from my first parcel.
I found these nice and tasty things - all organic (!):

1. Gouda cheese balls - very tasty, airy and easy melting in the mouth.
2. Dark chocolate with chilly and cherry - the kind I like it - bitter and biting.
3. Cheese - how without it?
4. Waffles with caramel which melts when I put on the pot of tea - or one may put it in microwave according Marjan :).
5. I also found a small plastic bag with spices and a recipe of Dutch (beef) stew - very nice and idea. I definitely will try it.

Thank you, Marjan, for your interesting parcel!

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